Tasty!! Texan Bar Bacon at Kolkata



In this post, I introduce 【TEXAN BAR BACON】at Kolkata in india.

Have you been there too??

If not yet, please try taking the burger there!! It was so nice taste !!

The place which I went is following at the google map.

Description of Restaurant

The restaurant “Texan Bar Bacon” is existing at Kalighat area in Kolkata. I found it easily.

Triangular Park, lake Terrace, Gariahat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029, India

Tel Number
+91 90511 96250

Rating “Texan Bar Bacon”

Mood : ★★★☆☆

Confortable : ★★★★☆

Stuff quality : ★★★★★


Here is the inside.

The mood is nice. Nice music and not so noisy.

We can order the foods/drinks with the tablet. Little bit advanced IT technology.

The most of restaurants in Kolkata are so cloudy , so the ordering is difficult for foreigner. But this tablet ordering system can solve like that problem.

And If you want a party with some movies , you can use the projector at last of room.

And then , I ordered “Schezwan Chicken Burger” for taking away.

And And, He is honesty stuff. I don’t know his name but he was always smile , honesty and prompt action. Really Gentleman!!

My burger is following. This picture is the packed one!

The price is only Rs.220-. It’s very cheap!

I took the burger to the airport for night snack while waiting the flight.
Can you feel this burger’s size? The size is bigger, also chicken. Cheese is much! The bread is soft!! 

The quality is excellent burger in India for my experience. I’ll come again definitely!!

You should try eating too!! I recommend it because i hope TEXAN BAR BACON to continue to run during my stay in India.


I experience the best burger shop at Kolkata in India.

The Shop name is TEXAN BAR BACON.

It was good taste , nice mood, honesty stuff and higher quality!!

Please try!!

Thank you very much for your reading!!


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